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Best Country Album of the 2020 - “Back In The Saddle of a Fever Dream” - Tammie Awards

By Art Edelstein, Arts Correspondent, Times Argus

. . .Best Country Album The Western Terrestrials released their second album “Back In The Saddle of a Fever Dream” with a very different approach to country music winning Best Country Album. The track “Ethan Alien” delivers the message of Vermont as “a sanctuary state for wierdos and aliens and other outsiders,” according to co-writer Nick Charyk, bandleader based in Sharon. Charyk imagines an alternative Vermont history in which the Green Mountain Boys leader was actually a little green man.

As we wrote in July, “From the first thump of bass guitar on ‘Space Cowboy’s Got the Blues,’ to the last steel guitar arpeggio riff on ‘Space Coyote Dub,’ we hear a musically creative quintet who can navigate a variety of country music styles, from Texas Swing to Rockabilly and Nashville cool. Each track from this alt-country ensemble has great energy, and this is definitely an album that you can dance to.”

Original Story, here.

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